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Hello, I'm Guelory.

My mission is to empower small businesses, entrepreneurs, and young professionals to build their own narrative as they walk by faith to enhance their growth and personal brand through social media marketing.


What We Offer

We provide workshops, seminars, one-on-one coaching, and social media marketing to serve our clients by catering to your individual needs. Given the scope of your requirements, we tailor our deliverables to match your expectations through a one-on-one consultation to identify and curate the best strategies for you.

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About Me

I have been an avid student of personal branding for over half a decade now, where I have gained years of experience in business serving in various roles. I have worked in financial services, banking, customer service, and social media marketing with established firms and well-known business owners. By investing significant time in my personal growth and development, I recognize that in today's market, everyone needs to enhance their personal brand.

I am excited to bring a distinctive and personalized approach to the science and art of business development. As a driven professional with over a decade of experience, I have always wanted to make a difference in my community. Helping others to build their own narratives is my way to make that possible.

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Workshop & Seminars

Personal Branding

Learn how to effectively blow up your personal brand and establish yourself in this digital age by having to elevate your social intelligence.

NEtworking & Relationship Building

Put yourself in position to win by having to best cultivate the relationships with those that are like minded and want to build a community.

Professional Development

Learn how to leverage your professionalism to strengthen your skillsets and capture the opportunities around you to advance your path.

Social Media Marketing


Social Media Audit




Branding & Design


Content Creation








Crisis Management

& Response



One-on-one coaching

how Can I help you?

Initial Consultation

We offer a free initial consultation to our new clients, to better understand your needs to cater our solutions to you. Simply book your session by having to schedule our first call.

Private Coaching Sessions

We provide personalized assistance for private coaching to help you enhance your social presence and keep you accountable on your goals.

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